Wild Salmon Pate


This is not your traditional Pate, Westcoast select salmon Pate is an amazing combination of smoked and wild fresh salmon mixed with fresh cream cheese and other spices to create a wonderful spread. Pair this with a baguette or some of your favorite toasted crackers to create an incredibly tasty appetizer.

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Salmon Pate

Salmon Pate is the perfect anytime snack on your favorite piece of toast or cracker. This pate is especially tasty since its made from wild coho and sockeye salmon. What makes this pate special is the combination of regular and smoked salmon combines with silky smooth cream cheese and then mixed with an assortment of spices to create a velvety smooth pate.

Made from Wild Pacific Salmon caught in the waters of the Pacific Northwest


Wild Salmon and Wild Smoked Salmon (Coho and/or Sockeye), Cream Cheese (Milk Ingredients: Bacterial Culture, Salt, Carob, Bean Gum), Water, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Milk Powder, Spices, Ascorbic Acid

100 Gm

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Weight100 oz


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