Smoked Salmon Jerky From Wild Caught Salmon with Lobster Crab and Salmon Pate Spread Gift


Wild Salmon Jerky and Premium Seafood Pate Gift Box

Wild Canadian Smoked Salmon Jerky & Seafood Pate Spreads Gift Set Indulge in the rich flavors of the sea with our premium gift set. This gourmet collection is a perfect blend of wild, Canadian delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Wild Canadian Smoked Salmon Jerky – 4 Pack Experience the authentic taste of Canada with our four-pack of wild smoked salmon jerky. Each pack features a unique flavor – Maple, Spicy, Teriyaki, and Original – that captures the essence of Canadian wilderness. Made from wild-caught salmon, these jerkies are smoked to perfection, offering a delectable blend of savory, sweet, and smoky notes. Seafood Pate Spreads – Trio Complement your snack time with our trio of seafood pate spreads. This set features three distinct flavors – Lobster, Salmon, and Crab. Each pate is crafted with care, using the finest seafood, to deliver a smooth, rich, and creamy texture that pairs perfectly with crackers or bread. This gift set is a wonderful way to experience the diverse flavors of Canadian seafood. Whether you’re a seafood lover or looking for the perfect gift for a foodie, this set is sure to impress.

What you get in this package:

  • Spicy Smoked Salmon Jerky
  • Maple Smoked Salmon Jerky
  • Teriyaki Smoked Salmon Jerky
  • Original Smoked Salmon Jerky
  • Salmon Pate Spread
  • Crab Pate Spread
  • Lobster Pate Spread


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