Maple Smoked Wild Salmon Nuggets


This is a truly unique smoked salmon product. These maple smoked nuggets are cured in Grade A Quebec maple syrup and natural wood smoke to provide the perfect blend of savory and sweet. These amazingly delectable nuggets are packed fresh in gold foil and make the perfect dinner accessory to a summer salad or as a sweet addition to any dish your going to be serving.

Salmon Nuggets

These are an all-time favorite at Jet Set Sam. Maple smoked wild Pacific salmon nuggets, these are an absolute must-try for any salmon lovers. Our maple smoked nuggets start by being cured in Grade A Quebec’s finest maple syrup and then naturally wood smoked to create a savory-sweet treat. Fish nuggets make the perfect complement to any appetizer or try them as a topping on a salad.

This uniquely Canadian combination of Salmon and Maple will be sure to please.


Wild Pacific Salmon, 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, Salt, Natural Wood Smoke

227g / 8 oz.

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Weight8 oz


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