Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt


Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt

Cherrywood is the most versatile of all the wood smokes we use.  Smoking wood from the CherryBlossom tree is perfect for smoking any kind of meat, chicken or fish.  We have smoked a ton of salmon using cherrywood and love the flavor. It gives off an aromatic beautiful dark color as it imparts a slightly sweet yet bitter flavor to the meat.

We decided to break out the Sea Salt and fire up the smoker with cherrywood to smoke our latest round of Salts.  The salt has an amazing dark smokiness and a flavor profile to match. The one thing with cherrywood is the way it gets its flavor into whatever your smoking. This is one my favorite smoked salts and it will dazzle and brighten up any food you pair it with.


4 oz Tin, 2 x 4 oz Tins

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