Smoked Salmon Lox
Our Wild Canadian Smoked Salmon is caught off the coast of British Columbia and smoked in Vancouver. We use only the finest hand-selected sockeye and chum salmon to produce our products.

Smoked Salmon Lox – Pre-sliced premium cuts of pacific sockeye salmon cold smoked in natural wood smoke. Our wild salmon boasts rich reddish color and firm texture to give you exceptional quality. Our salmon lox a perfect for your morning bagel or giving as a gift.
Double Smoked Sockeye Salmon Strips – These are smokey and decadent strips of sockeye salmon that have been double smoked to lock incredible flavor.

Candied Salmon

Salmon Nuggets – Crafted from high-quality wild sockeye salmon, our nuggets are maple brined and hot smoked to give you an amazingly sweet smokey flavor. The bite-sized salmon nuggets got perfectly with a summer salad or a beautiful appetizer.
Salmon Indian Candy – This is a Pacific Northwest creation, made from Chum salmon to give it a firmer texture. This is a sweet brined and rolled in fresh peppercorns. A unique and incredibly unique product that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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